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सोमवार, मई 07, 2018

Preity Zinta becomes emotional on Punjab's victory......

In the second match of IPL Super Sunday, the victory against Rajasthan Royals and an unbeaten innings of KL Rahul's 84 not out gave emotional to Preity Zinta. At the same time, KL Rahul celebrated the Bhangra after the victory.

                                VIDEO: पंजाब की जीत पर भावुक हुईं प्रिटी जिंटा

In fact, the team of Kings XI Punjab was not seen in the target for the last two weeks. After winning the first round, the team had to face defeat in some matches. In such a situation, the team's mistress Preity Zinta had a passionate moment to win against Rajasthan Royals. These expressions in their faces were captured in a TV camera.

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