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सोमवार, मई 07, 2018

Ajinkya Rahane decides to become India captain

The Indian team will be announced on 8th May for the historic Test match to be played against Afghanistan next month. It is almost certain that Ajinkya Rahane will lead Team India because Virat Kohli is not available.

                                  à¤‘स्‍ट्रेलिया में डे-नाइट टेस्‍ट नहीं खेलेगी टीम इंडिया, ये है बड़ी वजह
Ajinkya Rahane has a flop show so far in both the batting and captains in the IPL. But due to Virat Kohli playing in county cricket, Rahane's coronation is being presumed. This will be the second chance of captaining Ajinkya Rahane's Test. Earlier, last year, Virat Kohli led the team India in the Dharamshala Test against Australia because of a shoulder injury.

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