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शनिवार, मार्च 31, 2018

Vijay Mallya will marry 30-year-old girlfriends

Vijay Mallya, who is absconding for Rs 9000 crore from India's bank, is going to marry thirty-three year old girlfriends. Vijay Mallya is 62 and he will marry 30-year-old Pinky Lalwani. Vijay Mallya, who has been declared a runaway from India, is currently living in London and is in Live with Pinki Lalwani......According to the news coming in the media, Vijay Mallya will include Katrina, Deepika and Nargis Fakhri in this marriage. Let's say that the career of these three actresses was started by Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Company's 'Calendar Girl'. The three actresses started their career as a model. Prior to the debut in Bollywood, Deepika had a Bikini Pose in the Kingfisher Calendar.....Deepika Padukone was also in the relationship with Vijay Mallya's son Siddharth Mallya for a few days. Katrina had also made photoshoot for the calendar in the early part of her career. At the same time, Nargis had made a lot of headlines for this photo shoot.This is the third marriage of Vijay Mallya. Vijay Mallya's first marriage was to Sameera Mallya. Vijay Mallya had a second marriage with Rekha Mallya. Siddharth Mallya is the son of Sameera Mallya. Vijay Mallya has not even divorced from Line Mallya. Vijay Mallya's first wife Sameera was also an air hostess. In 1993, Vijay Mallya was married to his childhood friend Rekha. Line was already married and had two children.


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