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सोमवार, अगस्त 14, 2017

Sahara Amby Valley's auction process starts, reserves valued at Rs 37,000 crores

Prakryuya, auction of the Amby Valley Resort City, located in Maharashtra's Sahara Group, started today. For this purpose, the liquidator appointed for this work has invited a bid for this hill station and resorts township near Lonavla in Pune district and the reserved price for this has been kept at Rs 37,392 crore.

Sahara Group says that the Liquidator has initiated only the first two steps of the auction while inviting bids from interested bidders. Sahara says that if the 1500 crore rupees are deposited since the next date of hearing in the Supreme Court, then the proposed book will be withdrawn. Sahara has measured the market value of this project more than one lakh crore rupees

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