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गुरुवार, अगस्त 31, 2017

Aditya murder case will come in some time

In the case of Aditya Sachdeva murder case, the court will pronounce its verdict today. Rodi Yadav, accused in the Rodreya case, will be proceeding between the security of the court, the court of ADG-1 will begin the proceeding of the court for a while and after two o'clock, the verdict will come.


Gaya Court premises has been converted into a Police Cantonment. The police force has been deployed on the rallies. The main accused of this massacre is the son of Rocky Yadav Dabang MLC Manorama Devi. In the 15 months and 23 days, the hearing of the Aditya massacre has been completed and today the court will come to the verdict. .

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