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गुरुवार, अगस्त 31, 2017

India's diplomatic surgical strike bent over Docalm

In South Asia, India's power can not ignore any country in the world. Facing the constant challenges, India is busy building its identity on the world panel. But a bitter truth is that two neighbors of India, Pakistan and China, try to stop the growth of India. Pakistan has been fighting fierce battles against India for four straight years and for the last 27 years. At the same time, China ignored Panchsheel principle and in 1962, in the back of India, it was a snare. By entering Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in the month of September 2016, India has informed through a surgical strike that it has the power to pile up its enemies in any situation. India achieved another success on August 28 after that surgical strike, when the country had explained to China on the issue of diplomacy through the diplomatic surgical strike that now she should come out of the so-called sweet memories of 1962 and try to live in reality. .

India has forced the world in particular to China that the questions and answers will not be one-sided. Now they will define relationships at the level of equality. Will move forward with the ethical principles of peaceful coexistence. But if a country shows an eye, then in the same language, in its style, it will not go away. India's diplomatic victory before the BRICS conference on 3-5 September is considered to be a tremendous success of PM Modi's foreign policy.

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