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गुरुवार, अगस्त 31, 2017

Saif's film chef's trailer release

Safer's most successful film Saif Ali Khan's trailer has been released. In this, Saif is seen in the role of a chef, which is quite a passionate about cooking.

Saif's interest in cooking in the movie Chef's trailer can be clearly seen. But its passion means cooking with the cookie, how they manage the family. Saif has a son in the film, who misses his father a lot, as he reads in a distant school, and because of this, a lot of Saif can meet him. Saif is definitely reaching his son in a son's school function. During this, they also enjoy a lot. When Saif is about to go, the son becomes frustrated. So Saif finds a new option and starts the restaurant in a bus. Padmapriya will appear in the movie lead with Saif in the film. Padmapriya is the actress of the South Indian Film Industry. Chef is his second movie. Padmapriya had a Hindi debut from the 2010 film Stryer. The special thing is that Chef is the official remake of the American film in 2014, which was directed by Jon Favrero.

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