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रविवार, जुलाई 23, 2017

The question of the resignation of Tajesvi Yadav

After meeting Nitish Kumar's Rahul Gandhi, the question of the resignation of Tajesvi Yadav in Bihar's state has raised again. But there is no statement from both the leaders, and the meaning of the meeting is being removed in their own way. On Saturday, when Nitish reached Delhi, he went to 12 Tughlaq Road and talked to him at Rahul's official home. The meeting lasted about 15 minutes. Nitish talked about the big coalition ... but Rahul did not respond immediately ... Nitish Kumar did not say anything to the reporters even after going out. So the estimated journalism started. The news is coming that he has clearly told Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi that JDU will not be left behind from his stand on the Deputy Chief Minister, Tajesvi Yadav. ............. Sources say that Nitish has also asked Rahul and Congress to play a bigger role in the recent controversy ... even after Jaitu's meeting There is no softness in Tevara. So, from JD (U) senior leader Sharad Yadav to the party's general secretary KC Tyagi, they are saying that there is a crisis of the coalition but the coalition should not be broken. ... CP Joshi, incharge of Bihar Congress, said that the talk of Rahul and Nitish has happened in one to one and in a very good environment ... all the leaders have said that there is a need for the present time in Maha coalition in Bihar. . There is no danger to it. ..... but who will try to get rid of the stunning ... that is how the bellwether tale in the cat's throat will be charitable ... all are silent on this .... will Rahul Gandhi try ... .... And, on what Rahul's say, Lalu Prasad will be willing to resign his Lal.  There is a lot of questions in front of Mahaghatbandan and the threat of the BJP in front of the government is that if the stability does not stop till July 27, then the monsoon session will not run. In such a scenario, it would be interesting to see whether the alliance's coalition partners could get the all-common solution to this issue before the deadlines.



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