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रविवार, जुलाई 23, 2017

Durgesh Sharma has been arrested by the police.

The Bihar Police, which is facing increasing crime in the province, got big success. Durgesh Sharma has been arrested by the police for the murderous murder of the accused in the capital for years ... Now the preparations for CCA are going on. Three names on one face .... Durgesh Sharma aka Rahul alias Durga Durgesh, a resident of Manpura of Pataliputra, is accused in two dozen saguna cases. .... abducting Last year, the police's assault was in 2003. But after leaving Bell, he again made a treacherous crime in the world of crime ... In 2011, the state government declared a reward of 50 thousand on his arrest. At that time, Durgesh was accused in 20 cases ... he used to escaped and fled from there by dashing the police .... But on Saturday, Durgesh, the accused of more than a dozen cases of bogus cases in Bakhtiyarpur, once again came in the custody of the police. This gangster, who is writing a bloody documentary about the color, will now be able to get out of jail ... because the police is preparing to impose the CCA against the accused Durgesh in more than a dozen cases. Regarding this, Zonal IG Nayyar Hasnain Khan has asked the Patna police to give special guidelines to get speedy trial in old cases related to Durgesh.  From the preparations of the police, it seems that now jail is going to get permanent address of Durgesh. If the CCA is started, then the way to get out of his prison will be closed for a long time. But breaking the network of such a vicious criminal is also very important.


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