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रविवार, जुलाई 23, 2017

In the last 3 years, black money worth Rs. 71 thousand 941 crore was seized.

The Central Government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court and claimed that black money worth Rs. 71, 941 crore has been seized in 3 years. Of this, about 54 hundred crores of rupees were caught under the cancellation.  According to the government's response to the Supreme Court, the campaign against black money is being successful. The government told the court that in the last 3 years, black money of about seventy-one-and-a-half thousand crores has emerged. During this period, there were 5400 crore deposits. These money was found during the massive tax collection and surveys of the Income Tax Department. The Finance Ministry told the court that from November 9, 2016 to January 10, 2017, unclaimed income of 5400 crore was collected during the note-off. It includes more than 303 kg of gold. The court had sought a response from the government while hearing the petition on the consequences of the government's campaign on black money .... The central government has given the details of unaudited income from April 1, 2014 to February 28, 2017. According to the affidavit given to the Supreme Court, during the three years, the IT department raided 2,027 groups ... in which unearned income of more than 36,051 crore was recovered. Apart from this, the seized unaccounted assets of Rs 2,890 crore .... The government, while announcing the cancellation awards, said that strict action has been taken by the IT department during the 2 months of the ban on the ban on 9th November. During the note-making, the IT department has conducted 1100 survey-surveys and 5100 verification. Due to this action, property worth 610 crores was seized, including a cash amount of 513 crores.   The reply given to the court has given great relief to the think tank of the government. The opposition has been continuously raising questions about governmental efforts for ban on black money and black money. Now the government can make a political score by referring these figures to the opposition



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