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सोमवार, जुलाई 31, 2017


The relief from the High Court has definitely got ... but the former advisor to JD (U) President and Nitish's political journey is not happy with the decision. Sharad is now openly frustrated and is saying that what happened to corruption with black money and Panama paper leaks.   Nitish Kumar, left with RJD, formed the government with BJP ... Since then, JD (U) senior party leader Sharad Yadav is said to be annoyed ... there was frequent news that Sharad was meeting with the angry people. There are ... but today before Sharad Yadav did not say anything to the media ... But now Sharad Yadav has opened the jawan. ...... Angered by the breakdown of the General Elections in Bihar, former JDU chairman and party MP Sharad Yadav came to the media for the first time. Sharad Yadav said that the Bihar People did not give us the mandate to come along with BJP. He said he is sorry to break the coalition. Sharad Yadav of course speaking these Nitish Kumar will not look good ... but Lalu Yadav had given him the invitation to lead the opposition. ..... Well not fall only on those who adopt the attitude against Nitish ....... MP Ali Anwar had Mahagtbndn tell breakdown of national disaster ... Also Left leader also met Srd Yadv new Are making strategies. Black money and panama paper leaks have also raised the issue.


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