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सोमवार, जुलाई 31, 2017

BJP President Amit Shah has said that BJP has no role in breaking the alliance in Bihar. Shah said Nitish Kumar himself broke the ties with the corrupt Lalu family. And the break of RJD JDU was fixed. On the last day of the three-day tour of Lucknow, BJP National President Amit Shah responded to questions related to formation of government with JDU in Bihar to Panamaget. The question of breaking the MahaGatban in Bihar made little distraction to Amit Shah ... Shah responded sharply, saying that the allegation of breaking the alliance in Bihar is not correct on the BJP. Shah said that we have not broken any party, Nitish Kumar himself resigned because he did not want to stay with the corruption-led government.  Amit Shah said in tangiya tahaj that he went to states like Telangana ..., Odisha, Himachal .. Jammu and Kashmir, but what is there broken Amit Shah also achieved the achievements achieved in the three years of Modi government of the Center Counting Amit Shah said that the people of the country are feeling change in the last 3 years.


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