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सोमवार, जुलाई 31, 2017

Nitish government's victory in Patna High Court also

First, to give confidence to the Raj Bhawan ... Then after winning the trust in the assembly, now the Patna High Court has also won the Nitish government. The High Court rejected the petition against the Governor's decision to invite Nitish Kumar to form governme....... Nitish Kumar along with BJP's Sushil Modi sworn in at 10 o'clock in the morning on July 26, in Bihar, on July 26, took. Two petitions were filed in court against the constitution of the government. The first petition was filed by the National Janata Dal legislator Saroj Yadav and others of Barhah while the second petition was filed by Socialist leader Jubendra Kumar of Naubatpur. There was a hearing on the issue related to the majority test on Monday ... so everyone was waiting ... but the Patna High Court will soon be able to intervene by saying that a majority has proved. The jacquard rejected.   The Nitish government had sworn on July 27, for which the opposition to the RJD was continuing. The petitioner expressed surprise at the governor's decision and said that due to RJD being the most MLA, RJD should have been invited to form the government first, but Nitish Kumar was invited by seeking the rules. The petition also referred to the SR Bommai case. But the court dismissed the petition. Now the petitioner is talking about going to the Supreme Court.


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