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रविवार, जुलाई 30, 2017

Launched Now The Most Affordable Electric Car

Electric car maker Tesla has launched its most affordable electric car. Model 3 is priced at $ 35,000 (that is, 22.45 lakhs). Tesla says that this is the cheapest electric car of all time. Tesla model 3 is fit with standard battery with 220 miles. This car can speed up to 225 kmph.
The length of the car is 4,694 mm. It is 1,849 mm wide and 1,443 mm long. There is a 2,875 mm long wheel and weighing 1,610 kg. The other features of this car are Speed ​​and Gear Systems, Infotainment etc. The most different. Apart from this, the combination of screen map display and stereo control is also fantastic.

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