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सोमवार, मार्च 22, 2010

NCAA Bracket 2010 Update: Sweet 16 Bracket

The Sweet 16 bracket has been revealed and these 'sweet' sixteen teams will  down to eight by Friday night.

The 16 teams remaining in NCAA Bracket 2010 include four lower seeds:

a 9 (Northern Iowa), 10 (St. Mary's), 11 (Washington) and 12 (Cornell). Three No. 1 seeds are still playing (Kentucky, Syracuse, and Duke), while top-ranked Kansas was ousted in the second round.

Watch out for the Sweet 16 Bracket, compliments of the official NCAA Web site:

East Region
West Virginia toppled Missouri 68-59 and Cornell beat Wisconsin 87-69.
Midwest Region
Ohio St. recovered late in the second half and won against Georgia Tech 75-66. Michigan St. was able to sink a last-second three-pointer beating Maryland 85-83.
South Region
Purdue lagged in the first round against Texas A&M (25-32) and but managed to recover in the second and during overtime nailing a close 63-31 victory. Duke defeated California 68-53.
West Region
Gonzaga was not able to catch up with Syracuse in both rounds, losing 65-87 at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY. Xavier managed to pull through with their first round lead (35-28) against Pittsburgh and won the game 71-68.

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