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सोमवार, मार्च 22, 2010

New health Care Bill Pros and Cons

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What are the pros and cons of the new health-care reform bill that House Democrats approved yesterday?


More coverage. Coverage will expand to cover nearly 95 percent of legal U.S. residents.

A more competitive insurance industry.
Increased regulation will stop insurance companies from rigging prices–that recent 40% insurance premium increase in California comes to mind. .)

Insurance companies will have to accept everyone. No more pre-existing condition exclusions. They can’t place limits on coverage anymore, either.


Cuts in Medicare.
The elderly on Medicare will see their benefits changed dramatically.  

Costs. Adding another $940 billion to the deficit is not a good thing for the US economy. The Congressional Budget Office said that healthcare would actually reduce the budget deficit.

No new incentives for primary care physicians.

More taxes. The government has to pay for healthcare reform.

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