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रविवार, जून 10, 2018

JEE Advanced Result declear today

The results of the JEE Advanced-2018 exam taken by IIT Kanpur were released simultaneously across the country on Sunday. In this examination 18138 test takers from across the country have achieved success. Pranav Goyal, who lives in Panchkula in the examination, has topped the country. The romance coming from IIT Roorkee Zone got 337 points in 360 In the second place IIT Delhi is the mineral light of the Zone. He got 318 points out of 360 points. Total 16062 boys have achieved success in the JEE Advanced examination. The number of successful girls is 2076. Students succeeded in 8794 General category. In this result, 3140 students from OBC category, 4709 from SC category and 1495 students from ST category have successfully flagged the flag. super 30 coaching student selected in 26...in bihar...

                                               JEE Advanced Result : पंचकुला के प्रणव गोयल बने टॉपर, 2076 लड़कियों ने मारी बाजी               

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