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शनिवार, मई 19, 2018

Yeddyurappa resigns ahead of floor test, can stay only two and a half days

BS Yeddyurappa has resigned even before the majority of the tests. This time he was only the Chief Minister of Karnataka for two and a half days. Addressing the Legislative Assembly, he said, "I will come back, I will win more than 150 seats." He said that BJP does not have a majority and he is going to hand over his resignation to the governor.  It was a big challenge for the BJP to get the magical figure of 112 MLAs in the House. Congress-JDS had guarded one of its MLAs and the Supreme Court's eyes on the whole issue. The Governor Vajubhai Vala may have given an oath to the Yeddyurappa government, but the decision of Yeddyurappa's government was considered to be decided.
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Earlier, Yeddyurappa resigned from the post of CM in 2007 to prove his majority after 7 days of taking oath. After this, he presented it on the martyrdom period. As a result, the BJP came back to power with 110 seats when elections were held after one year.

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