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मंगलवार, अप्रैल 03, 2018

My mother, along with boyfriend, gave me drugs and sent to the madhouse

Comedian Siddhartha Sagar, who has spell-off the magic of his artwork in popular TV shows like 'Comedy Circus', 'Comedy Classes' and 'The Kapil Sharma Show', is in difficult times these days ...... In comedy and mimicry at home, Siddhartha Sagar, who has made home, has been running in depression since last year. A few days ago, his Facebook friend informed about his disappearance on social media ...... When this news spread rapidly in the media, he posted a video on Instagram and told about his condition ..... Siddharth, while disclosing his personal life by press conference in Mumbai, said, "My parents have separated and I lived with my mother. Looking at the mother's loneliness, I only suggested to find them new humankind ... after that my situation began to change. My mother and her friends used to give me the tablets of biopolar disorder (Jupiter disorder) with juice or food, due to which I started going to depression. My mother took out all the money from my bank account and I Ill be sent to the Rehabilitation Center. There I hit me a lot ...

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