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शनिवार, मार्च 31, 2018

CBSE Paper Leak: Students' Movement Continues

Despite the announcement of CBSE's date of 12th examination, the agitated students continued to remain on Saturday even after question papers leaked. Children performing examinations in different parts of the country, including the capital New Delhi, performed. On Saturday, the children performed outside the office of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Preet Vihar, Delhi. Due to this, the roads on the surrounding roads were blocked. Children are demanding that such arrangements be made, so that question papers are never leaked again.
On the other hand, former CBSE chairman Ashok Ganguly has strongly attacked the board about tackling the paper leak case. It has been said that this year, the decision to prepare a set of question papers reduced the good of the students and the board and their losses. Professor Gupta said that to overcome these situations effectively, the CBSE should have prepared an alternative set of question papers. Gupta told about an incident of any earlier examination that after receiving leak news, alternative question papers saved the examination from cancellation.CBSE had issued comprehensive question papers for all areas since this year. Because of this, if there is a news leakage from the area, then it puts all the areas in jeopardy....................

                                                          CBSE Paper Leak : छात्रों का आंदोलन जारी, सीबीएसइ कार्यालय को घेरा  

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