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गुरुवार, फ़रवरी 15, 2018

Prime Minister Modi discussed the exam under "Making Examination Fun: Chat with PM Modi" ......

With Prime Minister Modi students discussing the exam under "Making Examination Fun: Chat with PM Modi" ...... he said, "forget that you are talking to a prime minister. Make sure I am your friend. I am a friend of your family ... I have got the chance to be close to the more than 100 million children and their families in the country. I would like to bow down to those teachers who have kept me still .... Today's program is not a program of Prime Minister or Modi. This is the program of millions of children in the country. You are all my executors. Let's see how many points you give me out of 10. "..... Another student asked," We do not remember anything at the time of the examination. "We lose confidence, keep confidence in such times. "These questions have been asked by many children, there is no shortage of hard work. If you do not have any confidence, then you can work harder, if you sit in the classroom then you can remember which book Answer on page They said that 33 million Gods would give grace to you, but if you do not have confidence then 33 crore gods and goddesses will not be able to do anything. '' The children usually worship Saraswati If you go to give Examination then worship Hanumanji, why do you do this? If I was a child then I used to joke, I used to think that Hanumanji bowed down because the chit is caught in the exam then Masterji knows It should be said that this is a devotee of Hanumanji, it was a part of my joke in schools ... It should be necessary to have confidence in the mind, it is not a herb. Self confidence does not come with long speeches. Should be used. "

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