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रविवार, फ़रवरी 25, 2018

actress Sridevi passed away in Dubai

Senior actress Sridevi, who ruled the hearts of cine lovers from the lavish ado, passed away in Dubai due to a heart attack last night. Sridevi was 54 years old to make the characters diverse on the screen, from "Shadma", "Chandni", "From Lemhey" to "English Winglish" and "Mommy" etc. ... Sridevi did his own Last Shawn took place in Dubai where he went to join his family in the marriage ceremony of his nephew Mohit Marwah ..... Two daughters of Sridevi ... are johnvi and happiness. In 2013, the country's fourth highest civilian honor was awarded to Padmashree .... In the film "Himmatwala", the actor came with Jeetendra and the film hit the box office. After the "Himmatwala", Sridevi did not look back and during the period of Nayak Pradhan films, he had "Mawali" (1983), "Tohfa" (1984), "Mr. India" (1987), "Chandni" ( 1989), "Trickster" (1989), "Lamhey" (1991) and 'Gumrahah' (1993) ...... Sridevi married Anil Kapoor's elder brother Bonnie Kapoor and for nearly 15 years Until the silver screen was not seen. After raising his two daughters in this long interval, Sridevi appeared in the "English Wingslish" created in the year 2012 under the guidance of Gauri Shinde.

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