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मंगलवार, जनवरी 30, 2018

Auto Expo -2018 held in February

Maruti Suzuki has announced that it will take curtain from Hybrid Technology in the Auto Expo -2018 held in February. It is being speculated that this list may include the name of Swift Hybrid and Solio Hybrid of the company .... Suzuki Swift Hybrid available in Japan has a 1242 cc petrol engine, which gives power of 91 pcs is. This engine is connected to the 5-speed AGS (AMT) gearbox. The company has given this engine the name 12 codenamed. This is different from the 1197 cc 12B engine that is introduced in India's upcoming 2018 Swift. The Swift Hybrid also has an electric motor, whose power is 13.62 ps. The company claims that Swift Hybrid available in Japan gives a mileage of 32 km per liter, while the 2018 swift petrol mileage claims in India is 22 km per liter.

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