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मंगलवार, दिसंबर 19, 2017

the video of Lion's Peal of Patna on the streets of Patna. ...

A lion is roaming on the streets from Patna's Ju .. All the senses were lost by reading such viral messages ...... The message was also warned with the video. Watch-over messages and videos become viral. Anyone who got the information got upset ... how many truths were there in the fact that all the people started taking information throughout the day ....... Actually the video of this viral message was spreading on everyone's mobile from Sunday evening. But all the officials of Ju's, giving their self-cleansing on this viral message of its investigation from the level, said that the lion has been counted and everyone is locked in his cell -----

                                                  पटना की सड़कों पर मटरगश्‍ती करता दिखा शेर, जानिए इस वायरल वीडियो का सच                       

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