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सोमवार, सितंबर 04, 2017

Sensex down 189 points to 31702 level

In Monday's session, the Indian stock market is closed with the downturn. The Sensex, which has lost 189 points, ended at 31702 and the Nifty fell by 61.55 points to 9912 levels. In the mid-cap on the National Stock Exchange, 0.74 per cent of the midcap and 0.57 per cent in the smallcap were recorded. Talking about the sectoral index, all the indexes except metal have been closed in the red mark. The highest-selling Realty (1.65%) shares have been seen in the shares. Bank (0.81 per cent), Auto (0.79 per cent), Financial Services (0.67 per cent), FMCG (0.56 per cent), IT (0.69 per cent) and Pharma (0.01 per cent) fell. Talking about the legendary shares, 11 of the Nifty stocks are closed in the green mark and 40 are down and trading is closed. The fastest growth has been in the shares of Coal India, Sun Pharma, Bosch Ltd, ONGC and India Bulls Finance Finance. At the same time, the fall has happened in the shares of IOC, AdaniPorts, ACC, Tata Motor DVR and Infosys.


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