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सोमवार, सितंबर 04, 2017

Former IPL chairman lowered Rs 16,347 crore

Star India has purchased the broadcast rights of the IPL. Star for the next 5 years, the highest of Rs 16,347.50 crore By making a bid, the rights are named after them. But the former IPL chairman Lalit Modi is looking for this amount too low. Modi tweeted that after the successful transmission of the last 10 years, I had hoped that the amount would go much higher......In 2009, Sony Channel bought the broadcast rights of IPL for $ 1.63 billion from the World Sports Group for nine years. World Sports Group had acquired the broadcast rights of the IPL for 10 years from the BCCI.


Star India chairman Uday Shankar said on this occasion, "We believe that IPL is a powerful asset and we also know that the price of this tournament at the level of digital and TV can be enhanced further among fans. is. After achieving this right, we will be more committed to the development of this game in the country. "

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