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बुधवार, सितंबर 06, 2017

Police missing in the security of Sonia Gandhi, missing commandos

One of the SPG commandos deployed in the security of Sonia Gandhi is missing from suspicious circumstances since September 3. Commandos Rakesh Kumar was posted in the security of Sonia Gandhi's official residence 10, Janpath. Later, the information was received that on the day that he reached the 10 Janpath wearing the uniform of SPG commandos, the commandos were given a day's leave on that day.  The Tughlaq Road Police is trying to find the commandos, but nothing has been known yet. Police are involved in the investigation that when the commandos were not on duty that day, then why did they wear uniform from home? If I wore uniforms then why came 10 Janpath?

According to the police, 31 year old missing commando Rakesh Kumar lives with his family in a flat rented house in Dwarka Sector 8. After meeting his friends on the morning of September 1, he came out wearing his dress. According to an English newspaper, he did not take his service revolver along with his mobile phone, because of which the police and the family were having difficulty reaching him.

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