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सोमवार, सितंबर 11, 2017

Only women in non-teaching staff of school: Maneka

Unhappy Maneka Gandhi, who was unhappy with the murder of a child born in Riyan International School in Gurgaon, has said that there should be only women in non-teaching staff of schools. Woman and Child Development Minister suggested that in addition to drivers, conductors and other non-teaching staff, only if women are kept, then cases of child sexual abuse can be stopped. Explain that on September 8, a bus conductor tried to do wrong work with the child in Ryan International School. On protesting, he killed the child with a knife. The child's family is demanding a CBI probe.

                                                         स्कूल के नॉन टीचिंग स्टाफ में सिर्फ महिलाएं हों: गुड़गांव की घटना पर मेनका, national news in hindi, national news

- In the Narendra Modi government, Woman and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi, referring to the incident of Ryan International School, said that she had also sent her suggestions about non-teaching staff to the HRD Ministry.

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