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शुक्रवार, सितंबर 01, 2017

Narendra Modi Cabinet reshuffle: After Rudi, Ballian also spoke, resigns from us

Sources say that Suresh Prabhu, who wishes to leave the Ministry of Railways, can send the government to the Ministry of Environment. At the same time, there is already discussion of the appointment of Kalraj Mishra as the governor of Bihar. Union Minister Mahendra Party has also resigned from his post. He was appointed the President of Uttar Pradesh BJP yesterday. After this he has resigned. On the resignation, Sanjeev Balian has also made a statement. He said that the resignation was sought, I gave it. He said that now all time he will campaign in the party in western Uttar Pradesh.On his resignation, Rajiv Pratap Rudy spoke to the media on Friday morning. He said that the party's decision was that you should resign, it is quite normal. He said that there was an opportunity to work in the government, even after getting the opportunity to work in the party, he would go with this campaign only.


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