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शनिवार, सितंबर 09, 2017

His mother's condition worsened after killing a second-class child at Ryan International School

His mother's condition has worsened since the second class child was murdered in Ryan International School. Mother Sushma's tears do not take the name of the stop. Sushma Thakur, a street number 2 resident of Shyamkunj, has repeatedly cried after seeing the picture of the son in the drawing room. As soon as the news came that the son had fallen into the bathroom, the husband and wife immediately ran towards the hospital, but as soon as the son was not in this world, the mother became unconscious at the time. Took her mother to come home. Since then the mother is speaking the same thing that bring back my Babu. My son enjoyed playing cricket .. Mother Sushma says that my son had no interest in mobile. He enjoyed playing cricket and biking very well. Not only the mother but the words and words of every woman and man on the street were the words that was very innocent child. He did not fight or fight with anyone. The class was also counted among the most decent and clever childre Mother Sushma says that on Tuesday, on Teachers' Day, not only did the class  eachesignate but everyone appreciated that your son is very capable..........

                                                   गुड़गांव स्कूल मर्डर: मेरे बाबू को वापस ला दो: मां बस एक ही बात बोल रही    

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