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गुरुवार, अगस्त 10, 2017

PM asked the MPs' class, what to do, I will see in 2019

There was a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Party in the Parliament on Thursday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and national president Amit Shah joined in this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the meeting. In a sharp word, the PM put the class of parliamentarians absent from the Parliament.

According to a TV channel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raising the issue of MPs presence in the house said that MPs should be present in the House. He further said that now the Chairman has come to the Rajya Sabha, you will be closed on the day of your fun. Expressing anguish over the PM, the PM said, why it is said for Attendance. They said, 'What do you think of yourself, you and I are nothing, what is the BJP is the party. Why do I have to repeat vip, and what you have to do, I will see in 2019.  Earlier, 14 MPs were absent in the Vice Presidential election. There were two BJP MPs, two Congress MPs, two MPs from IUML, four MPs of TMC, one MP and two independents from NCP and PMK and two independents. In the monsoon session of Rajya Sabha on 4th August, SP MP Naresh Agrawal said that the cricketer, taking the name of Sachin and Actress Rekha, said that both of them are often absent from the House.

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