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गुरुवार, अगस्त 10, 2017

Indian Army ordered to evacuate the village between doklam

There is constant tension between India and China on the Dokalam border. The border dispute between the two countries is going on from June 16. India wants to resolve this matter through dialogue, but it is continuously being issued by China that negotiations are possible only after the withdrawal of Indian Army from the border. On behalf of the Chinese media, the Indian Army has been threatened with withdrawing several times. Now between the agitation between India and China at Dokalmal, Indian Army has ordered to evacuate the villages around Dokalam.

According to media reports, the Army has asked the villagers living in Nathnang village of the border to vacate the village immediately. It is 250 km from village Dokalm Is located at a distance. However, it is not clear now that the order to evacuate the evacuation has been vacant for the stay of 33 Crop soldiers moving towards Dokalm, or to avoid casualties in the event of an encounter between Indo-China for.

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