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गुरुवार, अगस्त 24, 2017

OBC creamier limit increased for fourth time in 24 years, quota of 27% quota

Limit of OBC Chemlere has been increased for the fourth time in 4 years. At the same time, the government has decided that 27% of the fixed quota for OBC will be divided into separate categories in this category. Let the Union Government make two important decisions on OBC reservation on Wednesday, the first, to increase the income limit of the creamy layer from Rs 6 lakh to 8 lakh rupees annually in the OBC reservation. Secondly, the central list of OBCs approved for fixing quotas in the quota for the castes. DainikBhaskar spoke to Ganesh Singh, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the OBC Commission Bill on this issue, Chairman of the Select Committee on Bhupendra Yadav and OBC Welfare.


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