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शनिवार, अगस्त 26, 2017

Jammu and Kashmir: 8 soldiers killed in Pulwama terror attack, 2 terrorists also stack

There was a major terrorist attack on the police line in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday. In this attack 8 soldiers have died. The martyrs are the soldiers of the state police and the CRPF. At the same time, the security forces have also killed two terrorists in retaliation. Five jawans have also been injured in the terror attack. At the moment, the encounter between the security forces and the terrorists continues. It is responsible for the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed.

According to the information, a group of suicide bombers armed with automatic weapons raided the grenade at around three o'clock in the morning and firing from their automatic weapons, somehow entered the district police line campus. Other security personnel present in the district police line took their position at the same time and got involved in encounter with terrorists by firing the counter. The security forces have leveled the militants in the C-Block of the District Police Line headquarters premises. According to the army, all the families have been taken safely from the police line. Lt Gen JS Sandhu said that all the families have been removed from the police line and there is no situation like hostage crisis. Describing this as a suicide attack, he said that the security forces are engaged in the operation.

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