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सोमवार, अगस्त 28, 2017

Gurmeet Ram Rahim gets 10 years sentence

Guerrit Ram Rahim, convicted in a rape case, was sentenced to 10 years by a special CBI court. The court refused to accept the arguments of the defendants. In fact, the defendant had said that Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been engaged in social work for a long time. Judge Jagdeep Singh reached the special court in the Rohtak jail to pronounce the sentence through helicopter. Prior to the sentencing, Gurmeet Ram Rahim joined hands before the judge and demanded forgiveness. Ram Rahim also demanded softness by referring to good deeds in the court. Earlier, after convicting the court in Panchkula, the Dera supporters fiercely raged, in which 38 people died. As a result, the administration was completely alert today. Strict security arrangements were made in the vicinity of the jail. Companies of semi-military forces are deployed. Intensive search of all trains coming to Rohtak is being taken. Each and every traveler is being asked for his identity. A large number of security forces are deployed inside and outside the city. Section 144 is here...


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