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रविवार, अगस्त 20, 2017

FLOOD....More than 500 people die from UP-Bihar to Nepal

Half of the country's population is in the grip of floods. In Bihar, UP, Assam and Gujarat, millions of people are in the outbreak of flood. In Bihar, more than 56 people have died so far, more than 200 people in Gujarat and more than 100 people in Assam have lost their lives. Flood has devastated the month of August. The death toll is going on increasing. Millions of people have been taken to safer places, but still the relief work is going on. These conditions have arisen due to the increased water levels of several rivers in Gonda, Barabanki, Gorakhpur of UP.................In Bihar, Araria, Motihari, Kisanganj, Katihar and Bhagalupar are most affected by the flood. In Bihar's 13 districts, 70 lakh people are in the grip of floods. Of the 75 districts of UP, 15 districts are affected by the flood. Millions of people are forced to leave homes Many teams of NDRF are engaged in relief work. Several trains have been canceled and the coming trains have been canceled. Rail operations have been badly affected. Mobile service is completely stalled. Floods have also been there in Nepal due to heavy rain. Thousands of tourists are stranded Water has entered the houses of people.............


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