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रविवार, अगस्त 20, 2017

flooding water in Motihari

Flood water has entered in many parts of Ward number 1, 16, 4 and 12 of Motihari Municipal Council area. The city council has been made a shelter site in three places. Deputies and tax collectors have been deputed here. According to Rohit Kumar Singh, Councilor of Ward 1, flood water is flooded in Mahmud town of Ward, Avadheshpuri colony, Avadhesh Chowk and Kuri Devi Chowk Road. Flood water has spread in some areas of Ward number 16 near Kunari Devi Chowk. Ward 4 councilor Gulerje Shahzad said that the water was spreading in his cocoon and fragrance in Ward 12. Here, councilor Rohit Kumar Singh, councilor Gulerje Shahzad, Ramesh Kumar etc. inspect flood affected areas. Water deposit in Motihari-Jamla road and Motihari-Kianari Devi road. Executive Councilor of the City Council, Harvir Gautam visited these areas and reviewed the situation. He informed that for the possible displacement of ward number 1,2, 16 and 17, elementary school Kolhurava has been made a shelter site. Similarly, Gaurishankar middle school and Dalpatti Pvt. The school has been built as a shelter site. Here, deputy inspector of Ward 1, Vindev Singh, ward 2 jamadar Bhupendra Singh, ward 16 jamadar Rambabu Prasad and ward 17 jamdar Vikas Kumar have been deputed for relief work. Tax collectors will also cooperate in this. At the same time, the depositors and tax collectors have been instructed to monitor and inform floods immediately.


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