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सोमवार, अगस्त 14, 2017

Exports up 3.94 percent in July, trade deficit widens to $ 11.44 billion

Country's exports increased by 3.94 per cent to $ 22.54 billion in July. With a significant increase in the exports of petroleum products, chemicals and marine products, the total exports increased. According to official data released on Monday, imports in July increased by 15.42 percent to $ 34 billion, from $ 29.45 billion in the same month last year. During this, there has been an increase in import of crude oil and gold.

With the increase in gold imports, the country's trade deficit also increased to $ 11.44 billion in July. In July, 2016 it was at the level of 7.76 billion dollars. According to the Commerce Ministry data, in July gold imports increased by 95 percent and reached $ 2.10 billion, from $ 1.07 billion in the same month last year. Similarly, crude oil imports grew by 15 percent to $ 7.84 billion.

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