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शुक्रवार, अगस्त 11, 2017

Buxar's District Magistrate, Mukesh Pandey Committed suicide

2012 The batch IAS officer Mukesh Pandey was found dead on a railway track near Kotgaon, one kilometer from Ghaziabad station. Ghaziabad's SSP HN Singh has confirmed the dead body.
Postmortem after the arrival of family members  The news of Buxar's DM Mukesh Pandey's suicide has put everyone in the can. Buksar's deputy collector Tauqeer Akram has also reached the spot after receiving the information of the incident. The body of Buxar's DM Mukesh Pandey has been placed at the post-mortem house in Ghaziabad. According to the Buxar deputy collector, Mukesh Pandey's family is about to reach the post mortem house. His dead body has not been discharged at the post-mortem house. It is also said that their bodies will be split only after the arrival of their families.  Recently, the DM was made: Originally a resident of Saran district of Bihar, Mukesh Pandey went to Delhi on Thursday morning to hand over the charge of Buxar's deputy development commissioner Mobin Ali Ansari. They were staying in Leela Palace Hotel. Buxar was placed as DM only last day. Before posting in Buxar, he was DDC in Katihar.    

Pandey had wounded his family members at 6 in the evening before committing suicide, he was going to take a plunge from a Delhi building and commit suicide. The villagers immediately informed the Delhi Police. When the Delhi Police managed to do anything, Pandey went to Ghaziabad and cut off the train. According to Delhi Police sources, Mukesh Pandey had sent a message in the house through the WTSAP that I was going to commit suicide due to my life. My good faith has got lost. In the message, he said that I am going to commit suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of the District Central Mall in Janakpuri, Delhi. My suicide note is kept in my bag in room number 742 in Leela Palace Hotel, Delhi. Forgive me I love you all very much
Missing zombies on track:  The police found Mukesh Pandey's body on the railway track in the 200 meters ahead of the yard from Ghaziabad railway station. Purses and suede notes were recovered from their pocket. CCTV footage of the metro station: Delhi West DCP Vijay Kumar told that the phone call of the comrades of Mukesh Pandey came in the evening at about six and a half. The police reached the District Central Mall immediately but there was no such incident in the incident. Seeing a CCTV footage, it was revealed that Mukesh Pandey was going out of the mall at 5:55 in the evening. Other CCTV footage appeared on the metro station. DCP said that we also checked the CCTV footage of the metro but they did not appear in it. At around 9 pm, we got information that Mukesh Pandey's body was found in Ghaziabad area. Living in Guwahati is father, uncle is senior journalist  Lal Mukesh Pandey of Saran did not have the joy of becoming a DM in Buxar for six days. As soon as the news of his suicide from Delhi reached the village late on Thursday night, people were stunned. Everyone was restless to know the cause of the incident. Overnight, people kept trying to get detailed information of each other from each other. Many people sat in front of the TV, while some people started getting


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