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सोमवार, जुलाई 31, 2017

The ongoing monsoon session of Parliament is a gesture.

The ongoing monsoon session of Parliament is a gesture. Even after a two-day holiday, Bihar's political crisis of Bihar and sometimes even the noise of people in the two houses continued to be questioned by the mob's felony. There was a ruckus once again in the Lok Sabha on the question of murder by the crowd. Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that killing someone is not right to kill him. They asked the ruling party whether there is a government in this country or not ...... is the situation of law and order or not .... Kharge said that law has become law on the killing ... but still Why such incidents are happening should be disclosed to who is behind it. When Kharage said directly to the central government responsible for the incident, there was a ruckus on behalf of the Treasury Bench. Kharge continues to hold charges against  Whereas the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal or such gorged institutions are directly connected to the BJP and in particular the MLAs of the BJP are supporting the party. Kharge asked the Prime Minister to answer the matter in the   On the issue of mob lingering, BJP MP Hukumdev Narayan Yadav replied. The central government can not send its force to the said incidents, it is a state issue. He said some people are defaming the central government with such incidents  The session is any ... small or tall .... MPs are not taking the name of the end of the pattern of attacking. In such a situation, there is no serious debate on serious issues within the House. It is necessary that political parties and representatives bring changes in their style of functioning.


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