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सोमवार, जुलाई 24, 2017

Lalu's daughter Misa is Bharti and son preparing ED action against Shailesh.

Central agencies have taken a stand against the Lalu family. The buzz is that Lalu's daughter Misa is Bharti and son preparing ED action against Shailesh.  Lalu own bait are in connection with the scam was constantly CBI court affair ... son hanging sword of action on ripping and Tejpratap ..... now growing too difficult for Lalu Prasad's daughter Misa Bharti. News is that ED Misa and her husband is preparing to seize form at Bijwasan Shailesh Delhi house. These actions can happen soon. Action is the foundation being built on Money Laundering Act ..... could be the confiscation of Lalu Prasad's daughter-in-law's farm house under ..... alleges that farmhouse Shell was bought from the money received by the companies. One crore 20 lakh rupees came through four shell companies. That money was to buy it ..... Here's son has filed a chargesheet against Shailesh and is once again preparing questioned. ...... It is important to know that he has not been satisfied with the reply received by Misa and Shailesh from ED in the last days. ED was Misa was also raided on July 8 bases Shailesh and had both questioned. Meanwhile, the ED has filed charge sheet against Raja Agarwal, CA of Misa. Rajesh is currently in Tihar Jail.     It went to filed in the Patiala House court in money laundering case against CA Rajesh Agarwal of Misa Bharti on Friday ... and now is preparing to seize their farmhouse ED. Obviously the sufferings of the Lalu family will not end soon.



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