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सोमवार, जुलाई 24, 2017

Kanwal Tanuja has given a very stupid statement about women

Aurangabad district collector Kanwal Tanuja has given a very stupid statement about women. The District Magistrate, spreading public awareness on cleanliness, overwhelmed a person's questions and said ... If the toilet can not be made, then sell the wife   The heroes of the statements are not only in politics and legislature but also in the executive. Many times his zombie is also raging in the excitement. The District Magistrate of Aurangabad district gave a statement from the public forum that in one stroke, the sahib also abolished the dignity of the post and the limitations of women were also given. First listen, what did DM Sahab say?


Kanwal Tanuj wanted to say ... and what he said ... you are listening and understanding. Kanwal Tanuj, in the official ceremony of the Sanitation General Assembly in Jharkhand, Aurangabad district, is clearly saying that if you can not build the toilet then sell your wife ... not once but also that the villager has to sell his wife and drink alcohol. Gave it. In fact, DM Saha did not like the Toke-Toki of the village and he came in a rage and made such a big statement. DM sahib's slogan slipped or in front of his knowledge, he did not like the question of the villagers. These are the District Magistrates themselves. But the question is, even after all types of training, such statements from the IAS officers disturb the attention of the people with basic questions such as cleanliness

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