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सोमवार, जुलाई 24, 2017

Begusarai's contractual teachers performed Armangan on their demands

There is no reason for the weather in the state of Bihar. First job demand for employment. Then demand for adjustment and promotion. Begusarai's contractual teachers performed Armangan on their demands.   Keeping your demand in half clothes on the streets of Begusarai, these are the Friends of Anand activists. .... They say that the TET exam is cheating with the unemployed students as the TET passed students did not get a job till now. Government prioritized them all as planned first..... You heard ... you are clearly saying that all TET pass students without BEd degree are employed as teachers at the earliest to be done. Knowing that knowing what they are demanding is justified and it can be fulfilled ....... Hundreds of students reached Traffic Chowk with half-way march in the city ... During this time the youth against the Education Minister Furiously sloganeering. He also warned that if demand is not met soon, then there will be agitation.
    It is not that the demand for non-student students to join the examination by eliminating the compulsion of BEd is wrong ....... But before the interest of the students, the concern of thousands of students is also necessary, Degree is achieved.



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