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रविवार, अगस्त 22, 2010

New Look Escape by Sathyam Cinemas, Eight-Screen Multiplex

Launch Of Escape, Sathyam Cinemas’ eight-screen multiplex at Express Avenue

Sathyam Cinemas gives ‘escape' a whole new meaning. Escape, its eight-screen multiplex at Express Avenue Mall that opens on Monday, is designed not just for a viewing experience, but also to ease tired muscles and overworked minds. There is a spa, a massage area, a library, a variety of food counters and lounges.

California-based Giovanni Castor has played a key role in the overall design of Escape. As for the cinemas, Vikram Phadke created themes for four. Castor did the other four.

A gaming space for children, and Puff, a smoking area, are aimed at specific groups. At Puff, the escaping air is re-filtered and made free of carcinogenic elements, says Ngaronga.

The restrooms are a study in style. One tall wall has spaces for lights providing a candle-lit effect and another has outlets through which water falls in a cascade. And, digital closets have been installed for a unique experience.

The food counters are varied — Loaf (sandwiches and other breads), Chill (ice-creams), Mix (chaats) and Grille (hot food), are some of them. For the knowledge-crazy, there is the library called Flip. 

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