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रविवार, अगस्त 22, 2010

Bus Hostage in Manila, Dismissed police inspector takes tourist bus hostage in Philippines

A dismissed police inspector demanding that his job be reinstated took a tourist bus hostage in Manila Monday morning, police told CNN.

There were 25 people on the bus, including 22 foreigners, Manila District Police official Rodolfo Magtibay said.

Magtibay said the dismissed inspector, Rolando Mendoza, wrote his demand on a board and displayed it in the bus windshield.

"We are optimistic that he will eventually realize that what he is doing is against the law and he will submit to the authorities," Magtibay told CNN.

Six hostages from Hong Kong -- three women and three children -- were released, Margarejo said. CNN affiliate ANC later showed images of another man leaving the bus with a negotiator. 

Those still on board the bus were calm, but confused, Margarejo said. Around 2 p.m. (2 a.m. ET), ANC showed images of signs posted on the bus windshield saying, "Big deal will start after 3 p.m. today" and "3 p.m. today dead lock."

The network also showed passengers peeking out from behind curtains of the parked bus and a sign posted on the bus door saying, "Big mistake to correct a big wrong decision."

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