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मंगलवार, जून 01, 2010

Sinkhole- Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010

Guatemala, a country in Central America boarded by Mexico to the north and west and rich in bilogically significant and unique ecosystems is currently affected by the Tropical Storm Agatha which kills atleast 142 people and left thousand of families homeless officials said. 

During the wake of the Tropical Storm Agatha, a giant sinkhole opened last Sunday. The size of the opening is larger than a street intersection and even swallowed a three-storey building and a house. 

It was reported that a security guard died during the incident though officials haven’t confirmed yet. While it happened, people outside the capital, searched for their loved ones even on the strike of the typhoon. Emergency workers and rescuers encouraged the survivors to stay in the shelters provided for them. 

Agatha, the first-named storm during the Pacific hurricane season 2010 hit Guatemala on Saturday hitting the place with heavy rains. 

According to the government, at least 123 people died in Guatemala and 59 others are missing. The government already ferries tents and medical supplies to affected families. Guatemala America is really prone to heavy rains due to its geographical location.

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