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मंगलवार, जून 01, 2010

Dress and fashion code for the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Dress and fashion code for the 12 signs of the zodiac.

As Aries, a fire sign ruled by planet Mars, is endowed with a royal nature, people born under the sign can wear "both pure and synthetic fabrics".

"Leather, silver and iron do not suit the Arien personality while outfits with multiple cuts in vibrant red, blue and orange flatter them,

The designer advises bright silks for Taureans in light shades like green, white and brown. "The cuts can either be plain or multi-layered."

Pure cotton and linen are best suited for the double-face Gemini twins. "Green and white are their favourite colours while platinum, gold and silver are suited to their sun sign,"

Ruled by moon, Cancerians are "unstable and naughty".

"Silk, cotton and linen should be their fabrics of choice in white and simple cuts,

The sunny Leo, on the other hand, should not deviate from simple symmetrical cotton clothes in hues of red, yellow and orange.

"The lions must avoid leather, feather, silver and iron,

While earthy Virgo is recommended cotton and linen fabrics, persons born under the influence of Virgo must avoid "elaborate cuts and sunny shades". Emerald jewellery in silver, platinum and gold match their energy.

Libra, ruled by planet Venus, should "dress in synthetic silk fabrics. They must avoid red, orange, silver and platinum",

Watery Scorpions should wear fabrics laced with cotton in "red, yellow and orange colours".

"Their attires can range from plain to multiple cuts - but they should avoid silver and platinum," he said.

Synthetic and bright silks are advisable for Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.

"They should wear yellow, saffron or light orange outfits matched by gold jewellery," 

While the rooted mountain goats - the Capricorn - are advised "cotton, silk and linen in simple black, blue or brown colour, they should desist from wearing gold and copper,"

Aquarians, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, should wear "dark clothes to highlight the positive masculine aspects of their sign".

Pisceans ruled by Jupiter benefit from its planets natural palette of yellow, saffron and orange.

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