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बुधवार, जून 23, 2010

HUDA Results for Faridabad plots

HUDA / Haryana Urban Development Authority announced the results of the plots of Faridabad few days back. Since then the HUDA is making trends on the Google India. Reason being that HUDA has announced the plots draw for Faridabad but still lots of people who applied for the plots in HUDA Faridabad are not able to find the final allotment.

Generally HUDA update the list of the allotment at its official website which is the www.huda.gov.in and www.huda.nic.in. At these website the HUDA provide all the information and news related to new announcemnts, HUDA results, HUDA information etc.

The Applicants even after few days of the announcement of the final results of the Faridabad plots are not able to get the online list of the candidate who have been alloted the plots in HUDA at Faridabad, Haryana.

Registration No. of eligible
applicants for draw  Urban Estate,  Jind will be
held on 23-6-2010

Registration No. of Jind
 Sector - 6
Registration Nos. (All Categories)
 Sector - 7
Registration Nos. (All Categories)
 Sector - 8
Registration Nos. (All Categories)

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