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गुरुवार, मई 20, 2010

4-yr-old in Mumbai can do 1500 pushups in 49 minutes

One of Aamir Khan's biggest fans, four-and-a-half year old Ronak Vitha, is planning to enter the India Book of Records by performing maximum pushups in a limited amount of time.

Trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, who gave Aamir his spectacular body for Ghajini, is preparing the boy for this feat.

"When Ronak's parents came to me four months ago, he could manage to do 600 pushups or dips but now he can do 1,500 push ups in 49 minutes. He said he was inspired by Aamir in Ghajini and started doing pushups since he was two. Ronak told me that he wanted to train under me as I had trained Aamir. I was impressed and signed him on. He is my youngest pupil," said the trainer.

The young boy doesn't just to have a body like Aamir, but also wants be the strongest child in the world.

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