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शनिवार, मार्च 20, 2010

Larry Pearson's Car Crash during Bristol Motor Speedway

Larry Pearson’s car had already slowed after spinning during today’s Legends race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The impact of Carlie Glotzbach’s car smashing into his driver’s side door knocked him unconscious.

Glotzbach walked gingerly away from the wreck. Pearson had to be cut from his car. He was conscious when put on a stretcher and into an ambulance where he was transported to Wellmont Regional Medical Center in nearby Johnson City, Tenn.

Larry Pearson suffered a terrible car wreck at Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday night. With five laps remaining in his exhibition race, Pearson hit the side wall and was T-boned at a high speed by Charlie Glotzbach. According to the AP, a spokesman says Pearson is "awake and alert" after suffering a broken lower left ankle, right hand and pelvis. Surgery is scheduled for Saturday night. Glotzbach was also hospitalized. Scroll down to watch the crash.

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